July 15, 2018

Meyers Chuck and Berg Bay

After picking up Stephanie directly at the float plane dock of the Ketchikan Airport we headed straight north. With the wind behind us we sailed up Clarence Strait and pulled in to Meyers Chuck just before
July 4, 2018

Misty Fjords

It turned out to be pretty misty in Misty Fjords, who would have known... After leaving Ketchikan we sailed with the south wind, up Behm Canal. The wind was so good we skipped our intended anchorage and
June 30, 2018


It felt like we were slowly becoming locals in Prince Rupert. We knew everybody on the dock, had eaten at all the restaurants and played foosball at the little brewery. But by Monday we also could not
June 25, 2018

North Pacific Cannery

Since we are stuck in Prince Rupert for a few days while we wait for our fuel tank to be made, we went on a shore excursion to the North Pacific Cannery near Port Edward about 30 miles south of Prince
June 24, 2018

Prince Rupert

After leaving Kuhtze Inlet we headed up Fraser Reach to Hartley Bay. With light winds we ended up motoring most of it. Hartley Bay is a Native village. They offer water and fuel but otherwise don't care
June 22, 2018

Roasting coffee

I tried this once at home and thought it is perfect for a long boat trip. Green coffee keeps forever and you can just roast as much as you need. It is easy too.  Just heat up a pot or pan, cover the
June 19, 2018

Graham Reach and Kuhtze Inlet

Sometimes we have to share an anchorage with other pleasure boaters. Whenever that happens we noticed that while there may be a boat around in the evening when we wake up in the morning we are all by ourselves.
June 16, 2018


One of the few fuel and provisioning stops on the Central Coast is Bella Bella/Shearwater. We made a quick stop to get fuel, water, groceries and do laundry. Moored to the breakwater we had to dinghy over
June 15, 2018

Cape Caution and the Central Coast

With Southeast gale force winds behind us we rounded Cape Caution in stormy seas but without issues. Now we are taking advantage of the remaining South wind enjoying smooth sailing up Fitz Hugh Sound.
June 12, 2018

Johnstone Strait and North Vancouver Island

West of Seymour Narrows the country becomes much more remote. We do not have to share anchorages anymore or even the dock in port. After transiting Seymour we took advantage of the favorable current and