February 15, 2018

Weekend trip from Shilshole: Port Gamble

For the second overnight weekend trip we wanted to explore new anchorages. Our short list included Manzanita Bay, Appletree Cove (Kingston), Bywater Bay and Port Gamble. We left Shilshole around noon and
October 24, 2017

Portland to Seattle

After a rainy winter on the river it was time to leave Portland and go back to the amazing cruising and sailing of Puget Sound. Since vacation time is in short supply we spread the trip out to 3 weekends
October 6, 2016

Sailing from Olympia to Portland

In August 2016 we sailed Sage to Portland for the winter. Partially so it would be closer to do maintenance over the winter month but also to do the trip itself. So over 10 days and with alternating crews