Higgins Passage

After 4 days on the outside we ran out of Nutella and had to find a passage to the inside again so we could stop by the little town of Shearwater. There is only a few options to cut back inside, the most commonly used one is Meyers Passage but it involves quite a few miles of backtracking and also very strong currents. Higgins Passage hidden behind a number of rocks and islets is the alternative. The problem is part of it is so shallow it goes dry at low tide. We decided to check it out and arrived around 6pm, 2hrs before high tide at the entrance to the shallow part, anchored and took the dinghy and a lead line to scope out the depth. After taking about 15 reading along a path that Sage could go through we convinced ourselves that it was possible. Sage’s keel draws 6 feet below the surface of the water, the passage is at +3feet out of the water at low tide and we were expecting a +14feet high tide so we should have 5 feet to spare. We went back to Sage, cooked dinner, had a beer and weighed anchor at 8pm to go through. Lowest reading we got on the depth sounder was 2 feet below the keel. Plenty of water 🙂


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