Meyers Chuck and Berg Bay

After picking up Stephanie directly at the float plane dock of the Ketchikan Airport we headed straight north. With the wind behind us we sailed up Clarence Strait and pulled in to Meyers Chuck just before dinner time. Meyers Chuck is a small community of about 30 houses, a post office that gets mail picked up once a week and probably only a handful of permanent residents. They do have a public float though that we tied up to. After chatting with the local salt who had his fishing boat tied up across from us and dinner from the grill we wandered ashore to check out the village. The message board at the entrance had a washed out sign advertising ‘Cinnamon Buns delivered to your boat’. We called the number and in no time had an order for cinnamon buns at 7:30 am the next morning. We continued on the narrow path through thick green winding from house to to house. We walked by very unique houses, right through peoples ‘backyards’ and a small forest to reach the cove on the other side that had a beautiful view of the sunset. Scared of bears we headed back before the sun went down.
At 7:30 am sharp a boat pulled up next to us and a nice lady stepped off and handed us a basket with warm cinnamon buns. Not a bad way to start the day. We shoved off the dock shortly after for the long trip to Berg Bay where we had rented a basic US Forest Service Cabin at the head of the bay for the next night. The wind was in our favor and after a quick stop at the Anan Bear Observatory we reached Berg Bay in the early afternoon. The cabin came with a floating dock that was anchored in the bay. Not quite as long as Sage but long enough to tie up to it. The float had a little canoe on it to get to shore. We did, and checked out the cabin. It was a very basic cabin with no electricity, mattresses or running water (except the creek behind it) but with an oven and a porch with a nice view. We ate dinner on the boat and headed over afterwards, lighted the oven, drank Whiskey and ate chocloate on the porch. No bear came by but some animal kept rattling somewhere through the night. The next morning we took it easy, ate breakfast on the boat and then armed with bear spray and an expired flare set out on a boarded hiking trail that started behind the cabin down to the creek. After stepping over bear #2 for 30 min we reached an open grassland and decided to turn around and save the bear spray for another day… 😉

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