It felt like we were slowly becoming locals in Prince Rupert. We knew everybody on the dock, had eaten at all the restaurants and played foosball at the little brewery. But by Monday we also could not wait for our tank to be finished. We just could not sit around anymore. We started stopping by the welding place every few hours. Finally by Tuesday 3pm the tank was finished. Putting it back into the boat proved slightly more challenging than taking it out… But by 8pm we had cut out some boat to make it fit, redone all the connections and strapped it down. Bruce from Funny Girl who was anchored across the channel joined us for dinner at Breakers Pub. We cleaned up the boat afterwards and had everything ready by midnight. The next morning we got up at 5:30am to catch favorable currents through Venn passage, called US Customs to get clearance to anchor in Foggy Bay (Foggy Bay is on US territory so boats coming Ng from Canada technically would have to clear customs in Ketchikan first but since it is quite a haul from Prince Rupert to Ketchikan, US Customs allows anchorage in Foggy Bay with permission). The crossing of Dixon entrance was uneventful, no wind and sea flat like a lake. By early afternoon the wind picked up a bit and we sailed for a few hours before motoring into Foggy Bay. To our surprise we were the only boat in this beautiful anchorage. The next day we woke up to pouring rain with no wind at first but then a nice South East wind picked up that pushed us into Ketchikan. We are moored at Bar Harbor for a day to reprovison. Ketchikan is a small town with a lot of fishing boats but there is also at least two huge cruise ships tied up every day. Looking forward to leave tomorrow morning to go around Behm canal and Misty Fjords. Will be back next Saturday to pick up Stephanie.

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