Graham Reach and Kuhtze Inlet

Sometimes we have to share an anchorage with other pleasure boaters. Whenever that happens we noticed that while there may be a boat around in the evening when we wake up in the morning we are all by ourselves. Everybody always has to get somewhere, even up here. Since leaving Shearwater it has been fairly remote but most definitely this part of the Inside Passage is the most beautiful yet. The wind has turned NW which means we have to beat into it but it has also become warm and sunny. Yesterday we tacked up Graham Reach and sailed right into Kuhtze Inlet which has a huge waterfall at the end. Anchoring was tricky since it was deep but got shallow very quickly on the mud flats on the mouth of the Kuhtze River. We took the dinghy up the river a bit and became friends with the resident grizzly Jim. Decided to hang out with Jim for another before we continue up Fraser Reach to hopefully get water in Hartley Bay. Will post more pictures when cell service comes back.

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